John Crouch Motors and the Austin-Healey

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I don’t recall the exact date, however around the middle of the 1970s the Austin-Healey Owners Club here in New South Wales (NSW) invited John Crouch to talk at one of our monthly meetings. If the name is not familiar to you perhaps a little history will help. John Crouch was a well-known racing driver before and after the Second World War and competed in all sorts of modern machinery of the day. His name was also synonymous with the Australian Grand Prix, competing in seven GPs from 1938 to 1952, winning the 1949 event at Leyburn, Queensland driving a Delahaye 135. Sadly John Crouch died in 1994 leaving Australian motor sport and Austin-Healey enthusiasts a rich legacy.

As with many who competed in motor sport at the time John Crouch was connected with the motor industry, and in his case ran a motor vehicle dealership in Flinders Street, which is on the eastern environs of the Sydney itself. His talk at our club meeting focused not only on his motor racing days but also on selling the Austin-Healey 100 during the 1950s. Luckily he kept a list of all Austin-Healeys sold from his dealership and he was kind enough to provide it to our club.
It has been many years since I had seen the list, but during my ongoing campaign to avoid being swamped by papers I found it again, filed in a place where I wouldn’t lose it – inside a Austin-Healey 100 Workshop Manual.
I have reproduced the list below for visitors to your site a look at, but some explanations are necessary.
It is a list of cars sold only by John Crouch Motors in Sydney and does not include cars sold be other dealerships in NSW or Australia. The first column indicates the date received at John Crouch Motors with the Date Sold as self-explanatory. The Serial Number listed is that given to the individual vehicle by Larke Hoskins Motors, who were the NSW distributor for Austin-Healeys, it is their number and is not a BMC number. They placed their own plaque on each car’s firewall. Larke Hoskins still exists as a Honda dealer but no longer retains any records of the BMC days.

The list was of great interest to me at the time as I had a BN1, which turned out to be the third vehicle on the list. It was sold new to Peter Lowe, the proprietor of a Sydney Eastern Suburbs’ bus company. He also went motor racing in the car before competing in a Ford Zephyr, selling the BN1 to Frank Matich. I had no idea of this until I saw the list and then managed to meet up with Peter Lowe. Frank Matich went on to become well known in motor sport with his own range of open wheelers and big-banger sports cars in which he competed in the US Can-Am Series.

I have typed the information as it was on the sheets from John Crouch Motors. Unfortunately they must have lost a certain amount of enthusiasm as time went by, as there is less information in later years. In case you’re wondering there are no 3000s, so we can only assume that none were sold. However remember there were only seventeen 3000s ever sold new in Australia. The Austin-Healey 100 and 100/6 were imported by distributors, but the 3000 was generally only available on order or imported by individual dealers with the hope of a quick sale.

Date Purchase
Purchaser Registration
Jan 29 942 IB-39607 BN1-147414 100/2 Blue 11.6.54 G.Greig AOU-972
Feb 16 970 IB-139834 BN1-148559 100/3 Cream 4.5.54 G.F.Eather AOB-019
May 13 30 IB-205255 BN1-150616 100/7 Blue 14.5.54 P.Lowe AOF-393
May 21 39 IB-206896 BN1-152976 100/17 Green 24.5.54 C.Brenchley
June 1 51 IB-206778 BN1-152723 100/14 Cream 9.6.54 S.G.Hardie AOR-538
June 7 61 IB-139745 BN1-147439 (Q) Red 26.6.54 B.A.Simes AOZ-432
June 11 70 IB-205841 BN1-151781 100/10 Black 11.6.54 J.B.Middleton AOS-984
June 25 89 IB-205059 BN1-149951 100/9 Red 26.6.54 W.A.Baxter AOZ-917
July 9 142 IB-205919 BN1-152199 100/12 Green 21.7.54 S.N.Miller APK-239
Aug 12 183 IB-207019 BN1-154110 100/18 Blue 4.9.54 P.Chambers ARC-731
Aug 30 207 IB-206713 BN1-152587 100/27 Black 30.8.54 A.H.Carr ARC-330
Sept 2 234 IB-213833 BN1-157148 100/23 Black 10.9.54 F.G.Wallace ARG-320
Sept 21 235 IB-214049 BN1-157349 100/33 White 23.9.54 J.G.Polain ARM-948
Sept 29 236 IB-213480M BN1-156166 100/32 Blue 22.9.54 G.Kennedy
Oct 15 283 IB-214545M BN1-159272 100/39 Black 15.10.54 K.A.Bennett ARV-111
Oct 20 284 IB-214797M BN1-214797M 100/62 Blue 21.10.54 J.H.Taylor ARZ-027
Oct 21 285 IB-214738M BN1-159801 100/64 Blue 27.10.54 G.Adams ARP-257
Nov 3 341 IB-214858M BN1-160340 100/49 Green 9.11.54 B.Wiseman ASE-633
Nov 10 342 IB-219110M BN1-219110 100/74 Green 11.11.54 M.Kellick ASF-260
Nov 15 343 IB-219253 BN1-219253 100/76 Red 29.11.54 J.Grant ASM-998
Nov 24 344 IB-219137M BN1-219137 100/69 Blue 25.11.54 S.Todhunter ASL-158
Nov 25 345 IB-214907M BN1-160370 100/66 White 2.12.54 S.Westbrook ASR-905
Dec 1
IB-214673 BN1-159488 100/44 White 10.12.54 E.J.Rofe ADV-159
Dec 9
IB-219265M BN1-219265 100/103 Red 17.12.54 E.Alangak ASZ-322
Dec 13 384 IB-219262M BN1-219262 100/92 Blue 13.12.54 B.Larkin ASX-104
Dec 16 385 IB-219125M BN1-219125 100/78 Green 21.12.54 W.Lees ATA-033
Dec 20 386 IB-219120M BN1-219120 100/93 Red 14.1.55 J.McMahon ATG-736
Dec 21 387 IB-214966M BN1-160690 100/88 Red 24.12.54 R.Williams ASR-311
Dec 30 388 IB-214865M BN1-160373 100/80 White 26.1.55 H.Gold ASM-087
Jan 14 433 IB-219063M BN1-219063 100/86 Off White 21.1.55 R.Garner RG-153
Jan 24 434 IB-220101M BN1-220101 100/113 Blue 29.1.55 R.Daney ATL-347
Feb 9 470 IB-220302M BN1-220302 100/118 Red 18.2.55 C.Adams
Feb 18 471 Ib-221023M BN1-221023 100/127 Ivory 30.4.55 W.Cullinain AUV-583
Mar 3 522 IB-221811M BN1-221811 100/165 Green 3.3.55 C.Adams
Mar 4 523 IB-220837M BN1-220837 100/141 Red 24.4.55 S.Bombardiene AUR-811
Mar 4 524 IB-220946M BN1-220946 100/142 Red 22.4.55 R.Cook

525 IB-221610M BN1-221610 100/175 Green 2.5.55 R.Paterson AUV-032

526 IB-221048M BN1-221048 100/174 Ivory 3.5.55 K.Soames

527 IB-221088M BN1-221088 100/136 Blue 25.3.55 N.Ryan AVG-702
Apr 14 594 IB-223293M BN1-223293 100/109 Red 10.6.55 J.Lancey ATL-777
Apr 15 595 IB-219470M BN1-219470 100/145 Green 19.8.55 D. Greig AWW-204
Apr 19 596 IB-221576M BN1-221576 100/191 Red 22.4.55 R. Banloft AUT-211
May 3 649 IB-219374M BN1-219374 100/147 Green 26.6.55 A. Watson AVT-176
May 5 650 IB-223136M BN1223136 100/193 Blue 10.5.55 W. Lloyd AUX-516
May 13 651 IB-223845M BN1-223845 100/205 Ivory 13.5.55 R. Waddington AUZ-418
Jul 17 792 IB-222015M BN1-222015 100/192 Green 21.7.55 D. Gilling AWG-037
Aug 31
IB-221675M BN1-221675 100/179 Green 7.9.55 S. Bombardiene

IB-223588M BN1-223588 100/228 Blue 17.8.55 P. McTagget AWS-310

IB223547M BN1-223547 100/206 Ivory 16.8.55 Braddon Printing P/L AWS-103
Sept 5
IB-224690M BN1-224690 100/235 Red 27.10.55 M. Mobbs AYF-051
Oct 17
IB-223950M BN1-223950 100/262 Green 4.11.55 A. Mitchell AYJ-835
Oct 12
IB-223295M BN1-223295 100/218 Ivory 14.10.55 P. Callaghan AXX-884
Nov 2
IB-224335M BN1-224335 100/225 Red 11.11.55 J. Parkinson ALY-067
Nov 8
IB-224465M BN1-224465 100/258 Green
Merlink AZJ-325
Nov 29
IB-219595M BN1-219595 100/267 Green
M. Blamey BAL-970

IB-224476M BN1-224476                Green 5.12.55 F. Ott AYX-792

IB-223952M BN1-223952                 Blue 5.12.55 D. Aptect AYZ-791
Jan 3   IB-225576 BN1-225576 100/272 Red (see note) 27.1.56 Thorbjornsen AZW-129
Apr 11
IB-229810M BN2-229810 100/276 Ivory 12.4.56 E. Thorbjornsen BHY-282
IB-228768M BN2-228768 100/286 Ivory 13.6.56 T. H. Lancey BBW-241
IB-222870M BN2-222870 100/289 Blue 25.7.56 A. Hamilton BCP-144
IB-223975 BN1-223975               Green 15.9.56 E. Thorbjornsen BDF-085
Jun 7   IC-31157 BN4/0/31157 100/293 Blue/White 7.6.57 J. F. C. BJE-035
Oct 14
ICH-44484 BN/0/44484               Red 14.10.57 L.Abrahams LA-111
Nov 15
              Ivory 15.11.57 J. Davey BKZ-646
Nov 15
26/CR/47474 BN4/0/47474               Blue/Blue Hardtop 15.1.58 D. Cavill reg in Qld
Nov 28
ICH/47723 BN4/0/47723               Red 20.1.58 F. Black BLZ-981
Mar 27   26CRH51726
Red/Black 27.3.58 R.T. Thomas unreg
Apr 30
26CRH50913 BN4/0/50913 Black/White  30.4.58 G.L. Douglas BNS-309
Sept 30
26DRH56645 BN4/0/56645 Blue 1.10.58 J. Kupitsky BRH-639

Note : Details supplied by current owner Kent Farminer

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