The Start June 1998
I purchased this car from the Healey Factory in Melbourne. A full history of the car is available on the Main Page. At the top of the image below is the rusted out left hand drive car with the 40+ year old new chassis and low mileage running gear below it.

Part of the deal with the Healey Factory was that the front shroud would be repaired. I thought this would be the way to go as they have jigs and formers to repair them. This turned out to be a wise moved as the front shroud became my main alignment tool for setting the position of the front bulkhead. After spending a lot of time and taking lots of dimensions off the old rusted healey, I found that as long as the top of the inner sills are three inches above the chassis rails, and the height of the front bulkhead is set the same, the lateral setting could be set by the shroud. I took measurements from five cars to try and come up with this dimension and found a range of fifteen millimeters difference


The Rear section of the front shroud was badly damaged so the entire section was replaced

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