Healeys are well known for their scuttle shake, the modification shown above will ( I hope ) reduce this. I have used a piece of 20x6 flat steel and welded it to the inside of the chassis rail and to the bottom face of the cold air box. It is also plug welded to the sheet metal footwell flange. Rather than using self tapping screws to told the gearbox aperture panel, I have drilled and tapped the flat steel so that the whole assembly can be screwed up tight.

The camber adjustment kit shown tacked into position above was manufactured by Theo Van Heel in Melbourne. It consists of a new ( Raked ) top cap, A high tensile tapped block, and high tensile mounting and adjusting set screws. After looking at the options available I preferred this method of adjusting the suspension camber to suit modern tyres.

The chassis assembly is now sandblasted and fitted into it's roll over frame ready for painting. The sandblasting blew holes through the rear inner guards in a couple of places that I thought were solid enough. Now I know why many restorers pre blast before starting chassis work! After repairing the inner guard front dog leg and now the rear it would probably have been easier to replace the whole inner guard.

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