The Restoration of the First Production Austin Healey 100
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Update July 2001

Above, Mike Lewis from M&G Vintage Car Restorations ponders the task at hand.

The image above, shows the difference between the original front wing on left and the reproduction. While the reproduction is correct for later cars, note the dramatically different profile when compared to this early panel. Below a template is taken from the original wing to assist in the modifications to the reproduction panel.

The condition of the original left wing, illustrates why it was decided to use reproductions.

Templates are taken from the original wing to assist in the modification of the reproductions. The template highlights the difference in length from the top edge of the wing to the top of the wheel arch. This is another common point of variation on BN1 panels, even in the later steel variety.

Once again, the image above highlights the extent of modification required to make panels fit the car. It is interesting to note that the BN1 series of cars are as close as Healey's come to being hand built cars. The panels vary dimensionally far more than the later cars and can cause a great deal extra work when attempting to use a panel from another car. I would speculate that this may be due to Jensen's ironing out of the problems involved in producing panels from the low cast tooling used for their production.

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