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It's 2012 and time to get back into my BT7 restoration. This time I want to put my efforts into the mechanical aspects of the car, as last time with the 100 that part was pretty easy as most of those parts were near new, so I have decided to have the body panels and paint done by "The Healey Factory" in Melbourne, and "Kilmartins" will build new bulkheads onto the new frame they supplied a few years ago.

Currently the Healey factory is working on the panels, and should complete them in a few weeks, then the panels and the frame will be off to Greg Kilmartin for the rest of the chassis work. From the original car the only recoverable panels are the front shroud, both front wings, and one rear wing. The rest are original replacements except for a new boot lid.

I managed to get a resonable replacement rear shroud and here the partially repaired panels with new boot lid are mounted on a spare frame at the Healey Factory to check alignments.

Front Shroud is repaired along with a good second hand bonnet.

The remains of the front wings awaiting repair ( I happy this isn't my problem! )

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