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This site is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Austin Healey sports car. As well as showing the details of the restoration of my own 1955 BN1, and 1959 3000MK1 Austin Healeys, I have endeavored to include as many articles and information as possible that may be of interest to other Healey restorers and enthusiasts. Your feedback is appreciated and can be made using the link provided at the bottom of this page.
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Geelong speed trials concours

My 1955 Austin Healey BN1
Follow the links below to see the car progress from a basket case the time of purchase to the completed car shown above

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Postscript to the restoration

Coroner's Inquests
The link below is to a newspaper report of the coroner's inquest into the accident in which the driver of this car was killed. This was the first of two major accidents involving Austin Healey 100's at the time and led to the coroner calling the Austin Healey the "Death Car". While perhaps a bit morbid it provides an historical perspective. Also now included is the report of the second fatality
Inquest Inquest 2

History of GKD766
The history of my car from 1955 until the present day, including images of the wreck, and the two hand made bodies that were built by Rudi Konecny on the chassis.

GGL 159
My first Healey 100 restored between 18th March 1972 and 4th Jan 1973
My First Healey

Current project, a 1959 Austin Healey 3000 Mk.1


Please follow the links below as the project develops.

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1954 Nash Healey LeMans Coupe

Click on this link for my Nash Healey page and restoration

Austin Healey Articles and Information

Patrick Quinn Articles
   The following series of Austin Healey articles kindly supplied by well
known and respected Australian  Healey enthusiast, Patrick Quinn

The Story of Patrick's own unique Austin Healey

Mac Healey, Alex Reid's 100-4 based race car

The Jensen - Austin - Healey Connection

John Crouch Motors, Sydney Australia, list of cars sold 1954 to 1958

The Austin - Nissan - Healey Connection

Healey Duncan

Australian Healey statistics and an unofficial list of Healeys imported into Australia

The Restoration of the First Production 100
The restoration of this interesting and significant Healey owned by Blair Harber
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Blair L Harber's Pre Production 100, The 14th 100 Built

Story of the building of a race car for Targa Newfoundland based on Pre Production 100
AHX12 by Blair Harber and Mike Salter from Precision Sportscar Canada
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6

Prototype Early and Pre Production Austin Healey BN1's

Karsten Stelk's 1954 Brussels Motor Show 100
The history and restoration of this unusual 100

Healey Specials
The Healey 100 has inspired many to produce their own body based on the Healey chassis and make modifications to the original Gerry Coker design. This page is devoted to collecting images of the designs, submissions appreciated.
 Healey Specials

Sid Ward Special
The following article by current owner Peter Linn tells the story of the well know Australian Healey special.
Sid Ward Special

Welding Austin-Healey Car Bodies
Reproduced From the March 1958 edition of Automobile Engineer this article outlines the procedures used by Jensen Motors Ltd. in fabricating the 100-6 shroud.

Weslake's Experimental Dualflow 100S Head
Images of the head and a short commentary by Joe Jarick

DMD Australia (Rally Replica) 3000 Alloy Engine Block Project
Images of the pattern equipment and a short explanation of the process involved in producing an engine block casting.

A letter from The British Motor Corporation ( Australia ) Pty. Ltd.
explaining the contents and fitting of the Le Mans Engine modification Kit Part no.P.280.
by courtesy of Patrick Quinn
Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Austin Healey Hundred BN1 Special Equipment and Tuning Instructions

Hunter Head
The Hunter double overhead cam Four cylinder engine conversion kit was it seems a failure due to the demise of the four cylinder engine and some inherent design faults. With only 4 heads produced and only 2 known to have survived it still remains a fascinating engineering concept that unfortunately never achieved it's full potential. Many of the images below are of poor quality, If anyone has better copies they would be gratefully received, as would any further information on this Healey oddity
 Story of the Hunter Healey Conversion by Harold Hunter
 Hunter Images
The Hunter Collection of Design Drawings ( description )
27 Hunter design Drawings ( reproduction )

 Donald Healey Christmas Cards
by courtesy Karsten Stelk

Donald Healey Motor Company and Austin Manufacturing Drawings
by courtesy of Greg Kilmartin and Chris Harding

Healey Advertisements
Austin Healey Advertisements and Advertisments that
contain Healeys from Various Publications

Austin Healey Sales Material and Brochures

Austin Healey Servicing, Data Sheets and Parts Lists
Servicing and Data Sheets

Magazine Articles and Road Tests

Healey Restorations

Healey Technical Articles

Healeys around the world
This area of the site is provided for Healey enthusiasts to post an image of their car. I hope this is a successful area of the site  and look forward to receiving lots of images.
 Healeys page 1
Healeys page 2
Healeys page 3

 Links section now includes over 120 Healey links
New Healey links always welcome

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