Donald Healey Motor Company and Austin Manufacturing Drawings
by courtesy of Greg Kilmartin and Chris Harding

Please note, The last 5 drawings with .tif file names are full size reproductions of the original drawings. Please be aware that the Chassis Drawing is over 3 feet by 4 feet in size, and the 100 drawing 5'8" by 2'10" and may be illegible when printed on A4 Paper, however it can be printed at it's original size and relatively smaller by professional printing ( photocopying ) businesses from the file provided. The file may not load into computer software depending on the amount of RAM memory that your computer has. For those that can load the files, they may display as white on black so the invert command may be needed to convert the file to black on white.
File Name Size Description
IB8694.jpg 108kb Drawing H7107 Tie Rod Frame Bkt
IB8724.jpg 113kb Drawing H7146 Rear Shock Absorber Mounting Bracket
IB8655.jpg 97kb Drawing H7266 Bumper Tube
IB8836.jpg 97kb Drawing H7599 Rear Shocker Mounting Bracket Reinforcement
IB8648.jpg 110kb Rear Spring Bracket Complete
IIB5233.jpg 122kb Rear Spring Rear Bracket Support
IB8664.tif 159kb Body Mtg. Bkt. Stiffener
IB86989.tif 138kb Body Mounting Bkt. (Front )
IIB5228.tif 126kb Body Mounting Bracket Complete - Rear
Chassis.tif 522kb Chassis Drawing BN4 to BJ7
100drawing.tif 300kb Quarter size drawing of 100 body with basic dimensions
9D6963.tif 586kb 100S Cylinder Head Drawing (Size 35 x 53 inches)