Hunter-Healey Twin Cam Head Drawings

The drawings below are a faithful reproduction of a series of design drawings by Harold Hunter for a twin overhead cam head to suit the Austin Healey 100 . The drawings depict more than one design for various components of the assembly. Unfortunately I have not had access to any of the completed heads, so I cannot comment on which (if any) of the designs shown here were produced.

File Name Size Description
AH1.jpg 155kb Chain Covers
AH2.jpg 138kb Chain Cover
AH3.jpg 160kb Chain Covers
AH4.jpg 127kb Piston
AH5.jpg 152kb Camshaft Extension Coupling
AH6.jpg 173kb Plan View of Head Bolts
AH7.jpg 176kb Cylinder Head
AH8.jpg 159kb Right Side of Block
AH9.jpg 146kb Left Side of Block
AH10.jpg 157kb Head
AH11.jpg 164kb Head
AH12.jpg 140kb Components
AH13.jpg 170kb Cams Cambox
AH14.jpg 184kb Camshaft Bearing Housing
AH15.jpg 163kb Intake and Exhaust Camshaft
AH16.jpg 154kb Head Underside
AH17.jpg 167kb Dated May 23 - 1955
AH18.jpg 135kb Steel Back Plate
AH19.jpg 185kb Head Underside
AH20.jpg 147kb Water Holes in Block
AH21.jpg 200kb Camshaft Dive Assembly
AH22.jpg 154kb Camshaft Drive Assembly
AH23.jpg 159kb Camshaft Drive Assembly
AH24.jpg 184kb Camshaft Drive Assembly
AH25.jpg 140kb Cross Section Of Valve Gear
AH26.jpg 150kb Layout Drawing
AH27.jpg 154kb Layout Drawing