The body work continues......

The front shroud shown in the first two images above and below is now finished and primed (Black). This image was taken with the panel wet, which helps spot any irregularities in it's shape. As usual lots of work for what I have to show for it!

Above the front right Guard (ok, WING depending where you were raised!) as purchased. Yes that's right I paid money for this, which after inspection turned out to be reasonably easy to repair. The usual plastic filler around the front from past accidents, and rust at the bottom rear. A straight edge is shown clamped in place ready to mark a line where the rusted area will be trimmed off. A rust replacement section is also shown, that will be used to replace the rusted area.

The rusted area removed, having carefully left in place the right angle reinforcing piece, and leaving undisturbed the wired wheel arch edge .

The front guard being trial fitted to the car after removal of the paint. It can clearly be seen that this is one of the unusual BN1 front wings with the lead filled groove extending from the crease line forward, then sweeping back around the rear of the wheel arch opening. The reason for this groove is unclear, however it may have been added to increase the strength of the guard and prevent flexing. The length of this front guard is 1600 mm ( measured along it's top edge ), which works out ok for this car, however I have seen a variation in guard length of up to 12 mm on BN1 guards.

The rust repair section tacked into place ready for welding. I have deliberately avoided welding too close to the lead filled area, having trimmed the repair section to suit.

The completed repair

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