Finally, an end to the bodywork!

A common problem on the 100 is that many of the windscreen to front shroud seals buckle on the curve toward the outer edges of the screen. The SC Parts windscreen seal shown above, which is supplied curved to match the shroud and does not buckle. The SC Parts part number is SC201 and it cost me 5.17 pounds plus postage.

The body now back on the Healey and displaying it's original 1955 registration number.

For those like me that have not used 2 pack paint finishes before, I found the process far easier than expected. The paint comes off the spray gun far easier than using acrylic lacquers, though the main thing to keep in mind is that successive coats do not bond fully with the earlier coats so you see the layers when sanding back. This also means that you can not sand through your final coats . The process I used was to block sand the primer coats with 400 grit (wet), keep in mind that 2 pack partly relies on mechanical adhesion so you cannot use too fine a paper on the primer coats. On advise from the professionals my finals coats were "boxed" with clear coat, i.e. I used 2 full colour top coats block sanded with 800 grit (wet) then 2 further colour coats mixed 50% with clear. I'm told that this helps minimize the appearance of scratches especially when using dark colours.
The final coats were block sanded with 1200 (wet) hand sanded with 1500 (wet) then polished by hand. I'm still not totally happy with the finish ( the camera lies) and think I will probably have to power buff the car in the end.

While it cannot be seen in the images there is some "puckering" where the bolts join the front wings to the shroud,  as a result of this I suggest fitting the wings and fully tightening all the bolts before stripping the body down for painting.

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