Austin Healey Specials

AUSTIN HEALEY 100 1954 GHIA AIGLE special body

This is a special version of the 100, designed by MICHELOTTI and bodied by GHIA-AIGLE (Lugano, Switzerland) in 1955 on the basis of a 100 M version. The front-end is aluminium. Apparently a handful of these cars were made by GHIA-AIGLE.

It also sports a rare Universal Laminations hardtop with special matching Perspex side-screens.
This car is in France.


Another view of a Ghia Aigle taken at Montlhery just south of Paris, by Ross Maylor of
Calgary Alberta Canada.
Courtesy Fred Hunter

Sid Ward Special
This all alloy 4 seater body was built by Sid Ward of Melbourne, Australia in the early 1960's for Linsay Hughes. Prior to it's current form the car was raced by Clive Millis with a Oscar body which was fitted to the car in 1957. The car is currently for sale at the Healey Factory in Melbourne.

The Kellison ad above appeared in car magazines in the US in the mid '60's and shows a VERY unusual fastback hardtop Kellison was a fiberglass shop in California which started out making fiberglass parts for cars, then fiberglass racing parts, then somewhere along the line they produced an entire Kellison car (with American V8 chassis & running gear, of course).
Courtesy Fred Hunter

The JWF Italia
Built in Sydney Australia. Fibreglass body 3 inch tubes replace the Healey's chassis rails with the original style suspension mounts grafted to them. Morris Marshal windscreen assly and the Healey front and rear bulkheads are used.

Pictured above is the JWF Italia spider which is basically the same as the coupe featured above it with the exception that it is shorter in the rear section to fit a 100 chassis.  It's on a BN1 chassis with a Vauxhall Cresta 2.6 engine and Standard 4 gearbox with an Isis rear axle and Wolseley front brakes.  I have spoken to Sam Johnson (the J in JWF) and he says it is one of only three of the short chassis spiders they made.  All up about thirty Italias of all types were produced from 1960.  It currently has a Herald Coupe hardtop and screen but it is actually an open car that has this crude conversion.
images and text courtesy Peter Westcott

The remains of this fibreglass special is of unknown origin, circular badge is Salzburger Automobile Club.

The car began life as a 1954 100-4.  The body mods were done in steel (other than the hood and trunk which are fiberglass). The engine is a 283ci 245 hp  Chevrolet with a Muncie M-22  4-speed manual transmission.  The rear is a narrowed early (1957-1962) Chevrolet with 3.70 Positraction. If you can supply further information on this Healey please contact Hampton Peterson, the current owner at this email address

The 1962 Automobile Year special built by Pininfarina
Anyone know if it still exists?
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The special pictured above is based on chassis BN1 150649 , engine 1B 204420 , bodywork by "CARROSSERIE DEMOLA" in Belgium.
The car was built for Belgian Barron Van Assche and took 4 months to build. The car was sold to a Vet in 1958 who fitted a Blower to the engine and Alfin brake drums. He crashed the car and changed the 100 grill to a design similar to the AC Greyhound. The front screen is a rear screen from some american car and cut in two parts and the rear screen was made in perpex from the same original american  screen. The spare wheel was at the back with a small opening(as the D type jag) for the access.
The car was originaly dark green and silver (the seats were green and the dashboard green and silver). The car was last known in the hands of a French dealer Christophe Pund.