1954 Nash Healey LeMans Coupe page 9

Fabrication of the gearbox cross member, utilizing RHS tubing

Fabricated engine mount in position, once again RHS tubing has been utilized for construction

Engine mounts tacked into position, both side and top face of the chassis rail support the engine. All mounts will be flanged to the chassis so that they can be welded to the rails both internally and externally with separation for increased strength

The completed gearbox cross member tacked into position. I have made the cross member removable so that the gearbox can be removed from the car without removing the engine. The cross member is flanged on the bottom face in keeping with the cars original construction

View to front, the extra tubed holes are simply so that I have extra mounting points should I need them

Chassis mount bracket for the cross member, some cleaning up of the tack welding will obviously be required! I will complete all of the welding later when the shell is in the roll over jig.

The original torque tube mount has been cut off exposing the drive shaft. As I cannot mount the torque tube directly to the alloy gearbox it will be mounted independently to the chassis like the other Healeys with torque tube drive. Rotary movement of the torque tube will be taken care of using this dual row ball swivel joint  used in the oil and gas industry. The stainless steel inner race will be machined to slip over the torque tube, and an extra ball bearing added to the front to support the shaft. Once installed and assembled with balls and o ring seals it will be oil filled. The tapped holes in the flange will be utilized for mounting the assembly to the existing cross member via silentbloc rubber bushes to insulate noise and allow for rear suspension travel. The drive shaft will be shortened and re splined for a 2 universal stub shaft between the gearbox and torque tube shaft.

Gearbox , cross member and torque tube

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