Metering systems and bulk fluid handling equipment

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Acme Fluid Handling Pty Ltd is Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic flow metering systems, and dispensing equipment for both road tanker and static installations.

Acme's Australian made VTM series Turbine Meters used in conjunction with the Acme 6000 series Totaliser form a complete cost effective and reliable solution in road tanker and general
bulk metering systems for Propane, LPG, Anhydrous Ammonia, DEF ( Adblue ) Cooking and Lubricating oils and general Petroleum Products.
Systems are Australian N.M.I and O.I.M.L certified

Acme's VTM series Turbine Meters were acknowledged by Standards Australia in 1996 by awarding an Australian Design Award.

Acme also represents in Australia, some of the following international suppliers of equipment for the oil and gas industry. Visit our online catalogue below

Hose Reels

LPG and Petroleum Road Tankers

Loading Arms

Marshall Excelsior LPG and NH3 equipment

Acme Air Freight Fuel Sample Container

Acme 3 and 2 loading hose spanners

Acme Product Support

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