1959 Austin Healey 3000MK1

This is my latest project. The image above is one of a few sent to me by the now previous owner in Houston U.S.A. The car is virtually complete but in extremely rusty condition.

20 years of sitting in the open have taken it's toll.

As the car arrived at the freight company in California after the trip from Houston and ready for shipping to Australia. Bumpers, side widows, hood bows and part of the windscreen frame have been lost and the car is falling apart!

The timber pallet under the car is there to keep the car from sagging in the middle!

My first sighting of the car as it arrived in Australia. It actually broke in half during the trip over

Not a lot left of the underside of the chassis

The rear scuttle assembly broken free from the chassis

The break on the left side chassis rail

Unfortunately the rear shroud has sustained a lot of damage during the trip.

And the chassis broken in half. All that was left holding the car together was the battery cable and a few screws.

A sorry sight, not even sure I will be able to save the rear shroud

The remains of the rear half of the chassis

The front section in the process of dismantling. Don't know that I have ever seen a Healey this rusty, the car even came complete with a rats nest above the heater. At this point most of my friends are questioning my sanity! There seems to be enough left of the front scuttle to start again, but the rear scuttle is beyond help. The front shroud is recoverable and perhaps one front wing and one rear. The rear shroud may be repairable. The rest of the panels are scrap. The engine is seized, but based on the lack of sludge in the top of the engine and the good condition of the gearbox I'm guessing the mileage may be fairly low. At this point I will look around for a rear scuttle and decide the cars future depending on what parts come my way.

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