The bodywork continues......

This is the boot lid frame during repair. All the flanges have been replaced where the frame joins the lid skin as well as a patch made to replace a rusted area (seen bottom left). There has also been a lot of straightening out done as well where previous accident damage has occurred. I have rust treated the inside of the frame and it is now ready to be spot welded back into the lid skin.

Both rear guards need the front "dog leg" replaced and general repairs. I am using Kilmartin replacement sections for this. As the wired edges around the wheel arches are ok on both guards I'm cutting the sections in at an angle to replace the rusted areas. There is also a Kilmartin dog leg available which includes the wired edge.

The rusted area has been cut away and the replacement section trimmed to suit. After checking the fit on the car the process of tacking has begun using a #8 oxy acetylene tip. The image above shows the tacking, starting about 1/2 inch in from one edge, the front flange will be welded later. After each tack the shrinking that takes place is released using a hammer and dolly so the the area retains most of its shape, it is a slow process but getting it right at this point is critical.

The tacking is completed, and the whole area dressed with hammer and dolly to shape.

Once again using a #8 tip the two sections are fused together ( no filler wire used) with a single pass.

The whole area is now dressed and after careful checking for shape on the car, the flanged edge is welded.

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