And Still the body work continues..........

The remains of the left door after removal of the rusted areas, not a lot left!

The new frame components installed, these I made myself.

The replacement half door skin (Kilmartin) is shown above at the tacked in stage ready for final welding. The process used to weld in the replacement section is the same as I have described on previous pages.

The completed door installed back on the car. The right door is also completed to the same stage, although I didn't have to replace any door frame on the right door. At the moment I have the front guards that came with the car, and the original front guards from my old car GGL159 on the garage floor. All are in a sorry state, without going into long explanations I have front guards cut into front and back halves seeing if I have enough savable bits to make up one pair. Oh boy.........

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